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Touring with MotoWorks

UK rideouts and European Motorcycle Tours

MotoWorks staff have been riding, both here in the UK and overseas since the ’80s. By the time we started trading, we had worked out what we enjoyed in a rideout and riding trips, and what we didn’t.

We’ve taken that experience and offer rideouts, here from our shop, as well as sponsoring and organising trips for other clubs and associates.


We decided last year to reward ourselves with a trip away and offered customers the chance to come with us, doing what we like doing best. We enjoyed it so much it has now become part of what we regularly do.


If you like the idea of joining us here, or abroad, give us a call and we’ll guide you through what we offer.


Alternatively, you can follow the links below and have a browse on our rideouts page on Groups.Place.

UK Rideouts

MotoWorks welcomes customers and local riders to join them in an expanding number of group rides in Kent and beyond.


We'd enjoy having you come with us on our monthly weekend rideouts, with occasional after-work rides during the longer days of summer.

Regardless of what you ride, or which licence you have, you are more than welcome on our rides.

We manage our events through Groups.Place and all the details can be found by following the attached link.

So, if you're a customer or local rider and like the sound of what we do, then sign up with a picture of yourself on your MotoWorks profile, this is so we know who you are on the rideouts and is a condition of acceptance with ourselves. 

European Tours

We work on bikes, we ride bikes and we try to holiday whenever we can on bikes. 


MotoWorks supports and sponsors European Riding Trips throughout the year, usually finishing the year with a holiday for customers who like what we do and trust us to manage their biking trips for them.


We have experience of running and leading tours, with a background to guide you through the event from start to finish; making it affordable where others don’t, providing a first-hand experience where others can’t.


We sell out fast with repeat customers coming back year after year. So be quick and follow the link to book your place. It’ll be an adventure you’ll not forget in a hurry.

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