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At Moto Works we pride ourselves in offering affordable options for all manner of bikes, from commuter bikes, to track bikes, from cruisers to tourers. Whether you ride a superbike, a naked bike, or even one lavishly covered in custom parts, we can offer you options on making your bike handle better, run better and always feel better.


Improvements can be found from simple, effective servicing of your bike, including the often overlooked suspension. With diagnostic services available on our in house dyno we can identify those niggly problems without having to leave the shop.


Want to know how many ponies are in your bike? Or why your throttle responds the way it does? Our dyno can give you recorded data to help us help you. Head over to Dyno Services to get your motorcycle booked in for a Dyno Run.


As ever, if you want to discuss your needs and how we can help you, then call us at the shop for an open and honest discussion about what we can offer you.

Suspension Services


Our technicians are fully trained and accredited by the global specialists Andreani, as well as attending the national Suspension School. Their involvement in track and race has helped boost their authority within the field of suspension, often the dark art in motorcycling.


We offer our years of training and expertise to all our customers. You don't need a race replica for us to provide noticeable improvements to your bike. Road bikes may need compromises more than race bikes, but whatever you ride we can advise you how you can enhance what you have, potentially saving you money over buying a 'new bike'.


We have an in-house suspension workshop to look after your suspension, whether that be the daily needs of fork seals and oils, all the way to full rebuilds and upgrades.


We pride ourselves in offering affordable pricing for your suspension needs, so if you have any questions, please call us to discuss how we can help you maintain or improve your bikes suspension.

Dyno Services


MotoWorks has been building race and track bikes since its doors opened. We've been helping riders improve their bikes performance from day one and now 2020 will be enhancing what we can offer with the addition of the latest Dynojet 250i.


We know the value of a dyno for our customers, from simple diagnostic benefits to power checks and performance increases, all the way to full race bike preparation.


Don't think you can benefit from a dyno? Give us a call and we'll talk you through what we can offer to make improvements to your bike.


Keep an eye out on our social media where we'll be featuring the work we do for our customers.

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